FMG Stadium

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Waikato’s #1 Preferred Builder To Leading Insurance Companies

P. S. Brown Construction were engaged by our insurance company to reinstatement an area of FMG Stadium Waikato which had been involved in an extensive fire. As someone who worked with them on a day-to-day basis, I can attest to their exceptional level of professionalism, timeliness, communication, and high-quality work.

P. S. Brown Construction had to work under a very tight timeframe, they were able to complete the job with efficiency and precision thus enduring the fire-damaged area could be used for hospitality at the World Sevens Tournament and the FIFA Women’s World Cup playoff tournament. 

While on site their team communicated with us regularly keeping us informed of their progress and any potential issues that arose. They were proactive in addressing these issues and their solutions were always effective. 

In terms of the quality of they work, P. S. Brown Construction exceeded our expectations, their attention to details was exceptional and they made sure that work was carried out to the highest standards.

I would highly recommend P. S. Brown Construction for any construction project as they are a dedicated team of professionals who take great pride in their work.

Andrew Boulton

H3 Facilities Manager